Planning For a Fit Retirement


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Baby boomers are approaching retirement age, meaning that one of America’s largest demographics will soon be looking to finish their careers, downsize their homes, and enjoy the fruits of decades of their labor. They will also, to a degree not seen by previous generations of retirees, be looking to exercise regularly and stay in excellent physical shape.

To be sure, every person wants to be fit, whether they are a retiree or a teenager. But baby boomers came of age at a time when regular exercise and fitness workouts were gaining in popularity. They grew up alongside such fads as jogging and yoga, and they have more health club memberships than any other age group. Boomers don’t just want to be fit – they also want to carry their active lifestyle into retirement.


Fruity Flapjacks


After you’ve worked out you probably want to eat something. When I worked at a gym in London one of the favorite “pick me up- snacks” after a workout for most clients was flapjacks.

But I am not talking about these sugar loaded delicious things that is suppose to be healthy that you buy in the shop. I am talking about fiber and vitamin loaded flapjacks.


When your weight loss program fails, what should you do?


Many people are keen to lose weight. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people around the world spend lots of money to try different kinds of diet and weight loss programs. However, many of them are ineffective.

You may have experienced a similar challenge. You may have purchased a weight loss program, but it did not work. What do you do now? Keep trying. You should test out other programs such as Sensa Weight Loss, along with other exercise programs.

The kind of weight loss program you have tried in the past may not have worked but it does not mean that it is impossible. Just remember that not all weight loss programs are the same. Some programs certainly are better than others. A key part of weight loss is that you should exert more energy than you intake. This means that you should exercise in more or in proportion to the amount of food that you eat. Ensure that your weight loss program has components of both of these aspects.


31 Days to a New you: Day 25: Give yourself the best gift of them all; a new healthy life!


Money can’t buy everything that is a fact. There are so many things that are much more important than all the gifts in the world and I think that the greatest gift you can give yourself is a healthy life.

Don’ t measure what you got this year in money or gifts but in health, love and happiness. If you are struggling to live a happy and healthy life then let best gift you get be the chance to a new life. And if you have been really good to yourself this year; give yourself a pat on the back and continue the great work! Christmas is also about sharing so share your new healthy life with someone else and make them happy as well.

Merry Christmas!

31 Days to a New you: Day 26: Light holiday exercise


Just because it’s Holiday it doesn’t mean that you should leave your new life for another day. No, it is time to make sure the Christmas food won’t be wasted on your waist but to give you energy instead.

These light exercises will not only make sure you make it through Christmas they will also help you stay in shape throughout the year.

Easy but still helpful so you can continue to enjoy Christmas for a little longer.

Do you like to swim?


Something that many people like is swimming.

Swimming is good because it dosen´t put any strain on your body. It is also good for your urologic health.

I personally don´t like swimming, unless it´s for relaxing. I think it is too tedious, I get bored after a little while.

But as I said, it´s an excellent sport if you are recovering from an injury or should take it easy. It´s good if you need to improve your muscle endurance.

Whether or not you are a beginner or used to swimming there are always exercises you can do to improve your strength. If you find that swimming is for you then you might want to buy some things to learn even more about it.
DVD´s, goggles and stopwatches are just some of the tings you can use when swimming, it´s not only a bathing suit that is needed. (more…)

Pilates for good Health


Did you think you had to run around to burn calories? No there are much more pleasant ways of exercising. Many women are worried about getting big and bulky if they start building up their muscles. With Pilates you don’t have to worry about that.

Pilates strengthen your body and stretches you to relaxation. Your energy flow will increase and you will become more aware of your body’s movement. It is excellent for pregnant women and elderly.

The most common way to do Pilates is to practise on a mat on the floor but there are also special designed machines that can be used.