Something that many people like is swimming.

Swimming is good because it dosen´t put any strain on your body. It is also good for your urologic health.

I personally don´t like swimming, unless it´s for relaxing. I think it is too tedious, I get bored after a little while.

But as I said, it´s an excellent sport if you are recovering from an injury or should take it easy. It´s good if you need to improve your muscle endurance.

Whether or not you are a beginner or used to swimming there are always exercises you can do to improve your strength. If you find that swimming is for you then you might want to buy some things to learn even more about it.
DVD´s, goggles and stopwatches are just some of the tings you can use when swimming, it´s not only a bathing suit that is needed.

If you are worried about eating before swimming, which you should be in order to avoid cramp, then eat at least 1 hour before jumping into the water.
Although you might think it´s wise to wait an hour, there is little evidence that it´s necessary actually. I you only stay calm and try not to panic then you will most likely not risk your life.

If you don´t know how to swim, then sign up for some lessons. You never know when your swimming knowledge might come in handy.

Whether on holiday or at the swimming club a few laps are always good. Even I do that, and I don´t even like swimming.
Do you like to swim?

Do you like to swim?