Did you think you had to run around to burn calories? No there are much more pleasant ways of exercising. Many women are worried about getting big and bulky if they start building up their muscles. With Pilates you don’t have to worry about that.

Pilates strengthen your body and stretches you to relaxation. Your energy flow will increase and you will become more aware of your body’s movement. It is excellent for pregnant women and elderly.

The most common way to do Pilates is to practise on a mat on the floor but there are also special designed machines that can be used.

The good thing about Pilates is that you can start doing it even if you’re out of shape. After a few sessions you will start to feel the benefits and I must warn you; it can be addictive.

Any good gym nowadays offers yoga and Pilates, make sure you get a good instructor that can guide you all the way. The Pilates foundation will help you practice Pilates if you are travelling the world. If you are interested in buying Pilates machines Balanced Body has an online store full of equipment.

So if you want to feel more energized, relaxed, stress free and in good shape but not by running around or working out then Pilates might be something for you.

Pilates for good Health