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Baby boomers are approaching retirement age, meaning that one of America’s largest demographics will soon be looking to finish their careers, downsize their homes, and enjoy the fruits of decades of their labor. They will also, to a degree not seen by previous generations of retirees, be looking to exercise regularly and stay in excellent physical shape.

To be sure, every person wants to be fit, whether they are a retiree or a teenager. But baby boomers came of age at a time when regular exercise and fitness workouts were gaining in popularity. They grew up alongside such fads as jogging and yoga, and they have more health club memberships than any other age group. Boomers don’t just want to be fit – they also want to carry their active lifestyle into retirement.

For many, this is initially an easy task. If they play tennis or basketball, if they go for morning runs or evening bike rides, a recent retiree can continue pursuing whatever sports or activities that they enjoyed while still working. If anything, the end of a career only provides more time for such pursuits.

But planning for retirement involves planning for the rest of your life, and this likely includes a time when tennis and running may no longer be feasible ways to stay fit. With this in mind, here are some ways to start planning for a fit retirement – no matter how long that retirement may last:

Choose a Fitness-Friendly Retirement Community

Retirement communities these days offer far more than just Bingo and golf carts. If you’re looking for an active retirement, look for a place that offers pools, fitness centers, and spas that make you feel as though you’re living at a hotel. On a national level, this is provided by companies such as Brookdale Senior Living. While this is not feasible for every retiree’s budget, having an in-house fitness center is cheaper than joining a health club and provides many targeted benefits and classes for senior citizens.

Make Your Life Walkable

There are many things we can no longer do as we get older, which increasingly turns walking into an appealing and effective way to get some exercise. With this in mind, it’s important that fitness-inclined boomers retire in an area that is walkable. Depending on your interests, this could encompass several extremes: it could mean living in the heart of a city, and having many people with whom to share the sidewalk, or it could mean living in a small town, and going for walks amidst trees and fields.

Work Together

Having a workout partner is one of the best ways to ensure that you get regular exercise over a long period of time. As you approach retirement, then, talk with your spouse and try doing outdoor activities together, if you don’t already do so. During retirement, you and your spouse will surely rely upon each other for many things, and there’s no reason why fitness shouldn’t be one of them. Of course, you can also turn to a friend or a relative instead.

These ideas should hopefully help you to start planning a fitness-friendly retirement. While much will surely change as you finish your career and grow older, staying healthy should always be an important consideration.

Planning For a Fit Retirement