Pilates for good Health


Did you think you had to run around to burn calories? No there are much more pleasant ways of exercising. Many women are worried about getting big and bulky if they start building up their muscles. With Pilates you don’t have to worry about that.

Pilates strengthen your body and stretches you to relaxation. Your energy flow will increase and you will become more aware of your body’s movement. It is excellent for pregnant women and elderly.

The most common way to do Pilates is to practise on a mat on the floor but there are also special designed machines that can be used.


Planning For a Fit Retirement


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Baby boomers are approaching retirement age, meaning that one of America’s largest demographics will soon be looking to finish their careers, downsize their homes, and enjoy the fruits of decades of their labor. They will also, to a degree not seen by previous generations of retirees, be looking to exercise regularly and stay in excellent physical shape.

To be sure, every person wants to be fit, whether they are a retiree or a teenager. But baby boomers came of age at a time when regular exercise and fitness workouts were gaining in popularity. They grew up alongside such fads as jogging and yoga, and they have more health club memberships than any other age group. Boomers don’t just want to be fit – they also want to carry their active lifestyle into retirement.